Automotive and Wireless Business Segments

Personnel of the Wireless Business Segment

The amount of employees in the Wireless Business Segment decreased by 73 persons in 2013.
This was primarily related to measures to improve the cost structure to correspond to the
changed business requirements, leading to the global personnel reduction during the first
quarter of 2013. At the end of 2013, the Wireless Business Segment employed 500 professionals
in Finland and USA (EB total 1 648 employees at the end of 2013). The average age of the Wireless
Business Segment personnel was 39.7. R&D engineers and specialists constituted clearly the
largest proportion of the personnel.

EBs core competences in the Wireless Business Segment are radio technology, embedded
software, electronics, and product integration. The development of engineering competences
was further supported by virtual competence teams and technical trainings. The way of working
in the Wireless Business Segment is based on the implementation of lean and agile methods.
At the same time the utilized processes and tools were fitted to support the execution,
provide transparency and improve efficiency in projects.

The employee engagement and working atmosphere is measured annually in the EB Spirit
personnel survey in the Wireless Business Segment. The results of the 2013 survey highlighted
strong customer focus and good working atmosphere in teams. During 2014 focus areas
for personnel development will be fostering a culture of innovation, coaching and leadership.