"I am pleased to say that EB reached its main goal for 2013 –
to grow its operating profit from the previous year. I want to
thank our personnel for the good results achieved in 2013 and
for the efforts made to build our future success."

- Jukka Harju, CEO

Strategic Guidelines

According to its strategy, EB continues to focus on two Business Segments – the Automotive Business Segment and the Wireless Business Segment. EBīs objective is to be a leading provider of solutions, products and services in its selected businesses. The most important short-term objective is to grow the net sales and operating profit from previous year.

In the Automotive Business Segment EB offers software products and R&D services for carmakers, car electronics suppliers and other suppliers to the automotive industry. The offering includes in-car infotainment solutions, such as navigation and human machine interfaces (HMI), as well as software for electronic control units (ECU) and driver assistance. By combining its software products and R&D services, EB is creating unique, customized solutions for the automotive industry.

In the Automotive Business Segment the objective is to increase the net sales at least at the same pace with the automotive software market growth. EBīs software products are EB street director navigation software, EB GUIDE HMI development and speech dialogue platform, EB tresos product line of software components used in ECUs and tools for their configuration, and EB Assist, an extensive product line with tooling and a software development kit for driver assistance solutions. e.solutions GmbH, the jointly owned company of EB and AUDI, has own infotainment products that have been developed for the Volkswagen Group car models. These software products generate license fees, often combined with supply of R&D services for customized solutions. EB aims to develop its business model to become more software product driven, which will gradually make EBīs net sales more directly dependent on car production volumes during the next few years.

In the Wireless Business Segment EB offers products and product platforms for defense, public safety and other authorities markets as well as for industrial use. Further, EB offers product development services and customized solutions for wireless communications markets and for companies needing wireless connectivity for their products. EBīs products in the Wireless Business Segment are EB Tactical Wireless IP Network for tactical communications, EB Tough VoIP for tactical IP-based communication, and EB Wideband COMINT Sensor for signals intelligence. The product platforms are the Android-based EB Specialized Device Platform and EB LTE Connectivity Module for specialized markets. For the latest wireless technologies and applications EB offers a broad range of R&D services such as consulting, integration, and development of software and hardware.

EB also offers its customers EB-designed devices by utilizing manufacturing partners. EBīs offering to its customers and EBīs competitiveness are based on strong and broad expertise in radio technology, embedded software solutions, electronics, and product integration. In the Wireless Business Segment the objective is to gradually increase the net sales during the next few years.

EB will continue its focused R&D investments in the Automotive Business Segment and the Wireless Business Segment. EB will further develop partnerships and identify M&A opportunities that will increase the Companyīs competitiveness and broaden the market opportunities.