Report by the Board of Directors


The parent company of the group and its subsidiaries employed an average of 1,627 people between January and December 2013. In addition, GmbH, the jointly owned company of EB and AUDI employed 300 people. At the end of December, the parent company of the group and its subsidiaries had 1,648 employees and GmbH 321 employees (1,583 in group´s parent company and subsidiaries and GmbH 233 at the end of 2012). A significant part of EB´s personnel are R&D engineers.

The following table presents the average personnel amounts and salaries of the Continuing operations from the past two years:

The average amount of personnel during the reporting period 2013 2012
Parent company of the group and its subsidiaries 1627 1528
Jointly owned Company   300   132
Salaries and wages (MEUR) in the reporting period
(inc. 51% of the jointly owned company´s salaries and wages)
 94,1  84,1

At the end of 2013 about 69 per cent of the employees worked in Automotive Business Segment, about 30 per cent in Wireless Business Segment, and short of 1 per cent in corporate functions. When compared to 2012, the number of personnel in Automotive Business Segment increased by 6 percentage points, in Wireless Business Segment decreased by 6 percentage points and in corporate functions remained at the same level.