Automotive and Wireless Business Segments

The Press Releases of the Wireless Business Segment

• In November, EB concluded cost saving measures that were started in August aiming to
adjust the cost level in the Wireless Business Segment. 74 employees were temporarely
dismissed, full or part-time, maximum of 90 days. EB decided that no futher temporary
layoffs will be implemented. With these measurements, EB estimated to achieve approximately
EUR 0.8 million cost savings.
• In September, EB demonstrated its state of the art tactical communication technology at
DSEI in England.
• In August, concluded its personnel negotiations aiming to temporarily lay off 150 employees
at the maximum in the Wireless Business Segment targeting EUR 1,5 million cost savings.
• In August, EB told that it will start personnel negotiations in its Wireless Business Segment
to adjust the cost level to correspond the weakened demand outlook for the rest of the year.
• In May, EB released a whitepaper on Cognitive Communication Networks that explores how
cognitive radio can be utilized in military communications enabling mobile troops to communicate
and share information even more effectively.
• In April, EB signed a contract with the Finnish Defence Forces for deliveries of the EB Tactical
Wireless IP Network communication system. The contract was a continuation to the EBs
Tactical Wireless IP Network development and pilot delivery contract signed in September
2011. The value of the purchase was EUR 7.0 million (excl. VAT).
• In April, EB completed the measures to improve its cost structure that were started on
February 2013. With these measures EB estimated to reach the targeted approximately
EUR 2 million annual cost savings in its Wireless Business Segment.
• In February, EB started measures to improve the cost structure targeting EUR 2 million annual
cost savings in the Wireless Business Segment.
• In February, EB launched three form factors for the award-winning EB Specialized Device
Platform: smartphone, ruggedized tablet, and LTE connectivity module.
• In January, EB and Anite plc signed an agreement under the terms of which EB sold its Test
Tools product business to Anite.
• In January, EB launched its Tough VoIP phone for the industrial markets.
• In January, EB demonstated its defense product portfolio at IDEX 2013 in Abu Dhabi in the
United Arab Emirates.